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By using Access Key, you just need to tap on your phone or click the mouse to log in to Yahoo! Mail—without a password.

The Password History                                                

Passwords are like Glass if we use the weak or easy then anyone can access your account. In order to make strong password users use random keys that make us difficult to remember and mimic them even after we have written them down. Then, Social engineering and reverse engineering may phish you into giving out your password­­­—or a key logging /brute-force application may report it to somebody else to use.

If passwords are so annoying, what can you do to protect your Yahoo Mail account?

Next Security Level beyond Passwords for Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Mail gives you most convenient way to secure your account without a password­

Once you install  Access Key for your account using the Yahoo application for the IOS or Android, now you only need to access the application to log in anywhere.

Logging in Yahoo mail by using the Access key is supremely helpful when you open Yahoo Mail, let's say in the browser, an authentication request is sent to the app where you have to verify by just tapping “Yes”.


What if you Lost Your Yahoo! Mail Access Key?

You lose your Yahoo Access key only when you lost your phone or somebody steal your phone or device. Ah… but no worries to keep your Yahoo account secure you can go as below:

·       Make sure your phone is completely locked; no one can log into your Yahoo account until one can use breaching technique to access your device.

·       Make damn sure you have added the recovery phone numbers and email addresses specified for your Yahoo account so you can log in to your Yahoo account and turn off the Access key feature on the lost device.


Turn Off Yahoo! Mail Access key

To disable Yahoo access key if you want to use the password alone or two-step factor authentication:

1.    Click your Name in Yahoo! Mail Account.

2.    Select  Account Info that has appeared on the sheet.

3.    Click the Account Security  Category.

4.    Turn off  Yahoo Account Key.


 Steps to Turn On Yahoo! Mail Access Key

To enable the Yahoo Mail access key  for iOS or Android

1.    The very first is to install the Yahoo mail application on your iOS or Android Device.

2.    Open the Yahoo Mail Application and login to your account.

3.    In your mail inbox, click the account menu icon on iOS or the hamburger menu icon on Android device.

4.    Now Click the Key icon next to your name.

5.    Click Set up Account Key.

6.    Click Yes

7.    Verify yourself that you have a recovery phone number on file where you can get the SMS Text.

8.    Now Enable Account Key.

After this procedure, you will be required your device and the app to log in.                                     

Procedure to Add Recovery Option on Yahoo Mail Account 

To add the recovery phone number or email address which you can use to verify your account if you ever lose access to the phone with the Yahoo Access Account key.

1.    Click on your name icon at the top of the navigation bar.

2.    Go to the Account Information link.

3.    Select the Account Security and Privacy category.

4.    Log on to Access Key if it asks.

5.    Add an Email address for recovery.

·       Click to add recovery email address.

·       Type the email address you want to add

·       Click to send a verification email.

·       After that, you will get the email from the Yahoo to verify the account to verify the email Follow the verification link in the email.


6.    Add a Phone Number for recovery.

·       Click to add recovery Phone Number.

·       Type the Phone Number you want to add

·       Click to send SMS.

·       After that, you will get the OTP on your device from the Yahoo to verify Phone Number for the recovery.


This is all about adding the Recovery email address and Phone Number. In Case you are getting any problem while enabling the Yahoo Account Access key then you can take the expert help by dialling the Yahoo Support Number, where Yahoo assistant is assigned to fix all the issues that you are getting.

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